Escape room game is a fun adventure in which players are closed (not locked) in a room and by using the objects in the room, their skills and teamwork they have to discover clues, solve puzzles and complete the mission and escape within the time frame.

Each of our adventures is designed for up to 5 players. If in any case you get stuck, we’ll help you with our hints without spoiling the fun or revealing the answer!

All of the tasks, puzzles and riddles are specifically designed to be fun and encourage team work. Our room escape games are any age appropriate, as well as for those who already played escape room games and those who want to give it a go for the first time! No knowledge or special skills are needed!



In our adventures you have 60 minutes to escape the room and complete the mission. Come 10 mins earlier so that the GameMaster can introduce you to the rules and the storyline.

After you finish your adventure we’ll comment on your experience with you, exchange experiences and take some photos to have as a memento!

So, if you’re in a mood for it, escape room experience can last up to 90 mins!

We like to socialize!​

Can we organize a celebration or team-building?

Ofcourse! We love to party and hang out!

We can organize and arrange anything that comes to mind: birthday parties, team building activities, business gatherings…

In every escape room adventure team collaboration and communication are deciding for successful completing the mission, so this type of activity is perfect for team building!


For bookings and inquiries give us a call: +385 98 9044 883

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