Lock the door and leave the key in the lock!

In the world of fairies, most important of all the rules is that no fairy should ever fall in love with a human. Although she knew this rule very well, a fairy named Morana fell in love with a young man. When the other fairies found out about this, they expelled Morana from the mountain Velebit to far away city called Zadar.
Terribly angry at the young man who seduced her and for whom she was expelled, Morana turned to darkness.
At night, under the cover of darkness, she sneaks through keyholes into people’s homes and tortures them in their dreams. Some that have survived say that the horrors they saw in nightmares were so terrible that only an evil witch could create them.
And so Morana became known among people as evil witch – The Dark Fairy…

“MORANA, The Dark Fairy” is a game of authentic design and faithful scenography that contains carefully designed tasks in order to better evoke the mystical environment and the dark atmosphere of the fairy’s lair. Powerful scenery and unexpected surprises will create a striking impression and an unforgettable experience.

If you fall asleep only for a moment, nightmares will torment you forever…