This is the part about us 🙂 When we started this whole project we’ve set some goals and rules…

You won’t find any instructions for our puzzles!

Why? Because we decided to create escape games as they should be – logical! There’s logic behind every puzzle and you don’t need any instructions to solve it , all you have to do is think for a moment and make a logical conclusion.

We brake rules others invented!

Why? Because, rules are there to be broken 🙂 Who is to say that you can use every object only once if it’s logical and it makes sense to use it in multiple situations, or why would you have to use something the moment you find it, perhaps you”ll need it later… Rely on logic and forget the rules they taught you 🙂

We don’t repeat puzzles in our games!

Why? Well who would have fun finding and solving 6 of the same tasks in different variations? We are creative, and each puzzle in the room reflects that. We can create puzzles and tasks that are fun, different, interesting and complex without copying or repeating.

Our games are 100% original and handmade and can only be played at our locations!

We don’t imitate, copy or repeat. All our adventures are 100% handmade, each and every task we desgined ourselves… some of which are quite “shifted”. Visit us and check yourself! ?

Our hints (help) comes in a form of a riddle!

Why? Because we’re creative enough and can come up with them :D, and also because nobody likes be given a solution for something they could solve themselves. Our GameMasters are not flight attendants and you’ll never hear them say something like: “on your left there’s a painting and a key behind it”, that’s not our style. What you can hear from our GameMasters is a cool riddle you have to figure out to get an idea what to do next 🙂 Something like: “Time goes by, none can escape, keys are 4, without mistake”. Think about it…

Our players aren’t just customers, they are more like friends…

In our escape room you won’t be in a hurry to leave, we ensure that we have time for each group before and after the game. We are a friendly little bunch, and we love to chat, joke and talk about escape rooms with you. No rush, after the game we can hang out and talk as long as we want 🙂 Some of our players admit they intentionally book the last slot in a day so that they could hang out with us after the game – we coulnd’t imagine bigger compliment!

We can’t say we’re the best, but we’re definitely out of competition. At least that’s what our players say! 🙂

Check our Facebook/TripAdvisor/Google reviews (links are at the bottom) and visit us!


ClueGo Escape Room team